First Trimester = No Blogging

So I created this blog fully intending to contribute to it at least a few times a week, documenting my journey into becoming a first time mommy. However, what I did not know, is that the first trimester might as well be a coma. I feel as though I got absolutely nothing accomplished for 3 whole months.

Now, I am blissfully in my second trimester. The mind-numbing exhaustion and constant nausea has finally passed. Sure, I still have days where I do one load of laundry and feel like I can’t possibly do another thing (I hope that’s not just me), but overall I feel worlds better and have so much more energy. So now I feel like I can finally take this blog on the way I had intended to. Forgive me for not documenting any of my first trimester, but any of you going through it, or those of you that have been through it before, need no reminders.

I’m currently at 14 weeks now – we are due Sept 9th. My darling husband and I are dying to know whether we’re having a boy or girl, so we will definitely be finding out as soon as we can. Of course everyone – friends, family and us parents included – think it’s a girl. So I guess we’ll have to wait 6 weeks and find out.

My neighbor across the street is 5 months ahead of me, meaning that she’s about to pop and is scheduled for induction in two weeks. She keeps telling me that this whole time will fly by so quickly, but I’ve yet to see that. For me it’s going entirely too slowly. Not that I’m complaining about being pregnant, I actually love it. But I’m just excited to meet our little peanut! Based on our ultrasound below — anyone want to venture a guess as to what we are having?

Our LP (little peanut!) at 12 weeks

Our LP (little peanut!) at 12 weeks


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