When comments go too far

So, I am almost 19 weeks along now, but look more like 24-26. When my belly popped out, I got very big very quickly. People (family, friends and strangers) have been commenting on just how big I am and how I must be carrying twins. (Or a 12 lb baby). They also all feel the need to comment on just how miserable I will be this summer.

Yes, people, I am well aware that it is going to be a long, hot summer for me. Yes, I’m aware that my belly is bigger than most womens’ at 19 weeks. I really don’t need to keep hearing it. I especially dont need to be questioned by strangers over whether or not I’m sure there aren’t two babies in there or if I have diabetes (yes, I was actually asked that).

People need to understand that it’s hard and emotional enough being pregnant – that I’m already feeling huge and fat and dealing with feelings of inadequacy – that these comments should be kept to yourself. Even if you think that it’s a harmless comment… to an emotional pregnant woman, it can still hurt.

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