Monster cupcakes and My Little Pony

So my husband’s birthday was last week, and I decided to surprise him with some homemade cupcakes and some My Little Pony decorations. I feel like that last part needs an explanation…

My husband secretly loves “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. He’s not quite in “brony” range yet, but he watches it with our daughter any chance he gets. And by with, I mean he puts it on and she pays no attention… because she’s 11 months old and the only thing she really gets into is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at this point.

So I tease him about this affinity for a child’s show every chance I get. I figured a few choice decorations on his birthday would be just the thing… plus our daughter loves balloons and fun things like that, so at the very least I knew she’d get a big kick out of it.

So this is what he came home to…

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)

His reaction? Priceless 🙂

Now, on to the cupcakes. I had found a recipe for Monster Cookie Dough Cupcakes posted by Wishes & Dishes. They looked awesome, and since my husband LOVES cookie dough, I figured it was a good choice. Plus, it was made with ingredients that I mostly have lying around… I only had to pick up a few things.

So here are my thoughts on the finished product — they were pretty darn awesome. The cake part was a little dry, but I think that was more my my oven’s fault than the recipe. I had to keep adding extra time in the oven because they simply weren’t even close to done at the suggested time. Maybe it was the fact that I used a Pampered Chef stoneware cupcake pan? Who knows. Either way… they were drier than I would have liked… but… still pretty tasty. And they looked really good, too! Because let’s face it… we eat with our eyes first, right? Click here to be linked to the recipe — I highly recommend them, for a special occasion or a lonely Saturday night at home 😉



Once more unto the breach…

Ok, so I’ll admit… I’ve let this whole blog fall completely to the wayside. It turns out that being mommy to an infant and pregnant at the same time, all while dealing with drama on the homefront, leaves little time for anything else. However, this is something I wish to remedy… And soon. 

Turns out, I need a creative outlet in my life. I need to write, even if randomly and to myself, and even if it makes sense to no one but me (turns out pregnancy brain is all too real — whatevs, I know what I’m talking about!). 

So here it is…. My latest effort to restart this whole thing and really stick with it. I’m sure that once my son is born and I’m then juggling a newborn and a 13-month old, it may take a back seat again… But that’s ok. I’ve got 3 months until that happens, and I need this right now. 

Signing off for now… Baby boy is using bladder as a soccer ball so I gotta run 😉