Once more unto the breach…

Ok, so I’ll admit… I’ve let this whole blog fall completely to the wayside. It turns out that being mommy to an infant and pregnant at the same time, all while dealing with drama on the homefront, leaves little time for anything else. However, this is something I wish to remedy… And soon. 

Turns out, I need a creative outlet in my life. I need to write, even if randomly and to myself, and even if it makes sense to no one but me (turns out pregnancy brain is all too real — whatevs, I know what I’m talking about!). 

So here it is…. My latest effort to restart this whole thing and really stick with it. I’m sure that once my son is born and I’m then juggling a newborn and a 13-month old, it may take a back seat again… But that’s ok. I’ve got 3 months until that happens, and I need this right now. 

Signing off for now… Baby boy is using bladder as a soccer ball so I gotta run 😉


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