The negativity of social media

Have you ever noticed just how many negative posts there are on social media? People (myself 100% included) are so fast to jump on Facebook or Twitter to rant or complain about things. We take to these outlets to complain about crappy service at a restaurant or the fact that our kids kept us up all night (I’m completely owning that one right there), yet we are much less likely to share the good things happening with us. 

For me, I’m guilty of complaining or whining about the hardships of everyday life, but I rarely post about the joys. I’ll moan about the fact that my 4 month old woke up 4 times last night, but I won’t share that he was in bed (his own bed) by 7:15pm and has been miraculously doing this all week long. 

Why do I do this? Why does society as a whole seem to be guilty of this? 

Personally, I know I always shy away from “tooting my own horn”, if you will. I feel like sharing my joys and #MomWin’s are akin to bragging, and I don’t feel right about that. But I’m all too ready to whine when things aren’t going right, because I want other people to tell me they understand, and I want to know I’m not in whatever the current crisis may be alone. The mom community is so great about supporting each other, so it’s easy to reach out when I’m feeling like things aren’t going my way.

However, I’m ready to change this focus on the negative, and put the focus on good. There is so much in my life that I am grateful for, and so much joy. I’m challenging myself to share more of the happiness and gratitude and less the grumbling and complaining. 

Will you take this challenge, too? Let’s #FocusOnTheGood