“Wicked” – Defying Expectations

Since I still do the occasional theater review, I thought I’d go ahead and post my latest one here.

Broadway in Richmond’s production of“Wicked” stuns and sparkles. From curtain up to curtain down, “Wicked” pulls the audience in and demands attention.

“Wicked” is the “untold story of the Wicked Witch of the West” – and provides plenty of references and innuendo to the original Oz story to satisfy any Dorothy fan. This story line focuses on the early life and defining moments of Elphaba – the Wicked Witch of the West – and her relationship with Glinda, the Good.

Emma Hunton shines as Elphaba, and truly defied all expectations. Musically speaking, it’s a difficult role to play, and she did it with ease and incredible vocal strength (as seen and heard in her version of “Defying Gravity”). Gina Beck fills the role of Glinda with a flawless amount of bounce and ditz – she was quite simply perfect. Her rendition of “Popular” is by far one of the highlights of the show.

As someone that has seen “Wicked” in Richmond three times now, I will say this is the best it’s been done yet. This is a “do-not-miss-out” show!

“Wicked” runs through May 4, 2014 at the Altria Theater (formerly the Landmark Theater). Tickets are still available but they are definitely in high demand, so I urge you to not wait. Tickets can be purchased online.

Original review link: “Wicked” – Defying Expectations – Richmond Theater | Examiner.com.


When comments go too far

So, I am almost 19 weeks along now, but look more like 24-26. When my belly popped out, I got very big very quickly. People (family, friends and strangers) have been commenting on just how big I am and how I must be carrying twins. (Or a 12 lb baby). They also all feel the need to comment on just how miserable I will be this summer.

Yes, people, I am well aware that it is going to be a long, hot summer for me. Yes, I’m aware that my belly is bigger than most womens’ at 19 weeks. I really don’t need to keep hearing it. I especially dont need to be questioned by strangers over whether or not I’m sure there aren’t two babies in there or if I have diabetes (yes, I was actually asked that).

People need to understand that it’s hard and emotional enough being pregnant – that I’m already feeling huge and fat and dealing with feelings of inadequacy – that these comments should be kept to yourself. Even if you think that it’s a harmless comment… to an emotional pregnant woman, it can still hurt.


It’s A Girl!!!

The early ultrasound was pretty clear — and confirmed all of our early suspicions. It’s definitely a girl!! And since I’m ridiculous and have been extremely anxiously awaiting the all-clear to go buy cute outfits… we promptly made our way over to Babies R Us for their clearance sale. Now our little girl has some seriously cute things to wear when she makes her appearance 🙂

All my DH wants to buy is a gun 🙂


Thoughts on a recent article about the “Mrs. Degree”

I first want to say I do not agree with most of this woman’s points/ideals, however, one thing she said stuck with me and I felt the need to comment. (quoting “Princeton Mom” Susan Patton)

However, feminism has taken a turn to the dark side. Feminists have become antagonistic. They’ve become bullying of women who aspire to traditional roles, women who want anything for themselves different from what the feminists, the very strident feminists’ doctrine, is directing them towards.

via Should Women Go to College for Mrs. Degree? ‘Princeton Mom’ Weig – ABC 8NEWS – WRIC | Richmond, Virginia News & Weather.

I agree with her on this point, as I’ve been on the other side of this antagonizing my whole life. Whenever someone asked what I wanted to do or wanted to be, my answer was always “wife and mother,” because that is the only thing I have ever wanted to do. And I’ve been looked down on for years for that answer. People were taken aback and gave me “that look” every time I told them my aspirations.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a housewife and mother. There is also nothing wrong with being a career woman. My point is, just because I didn’t ever want a “career” or strive to be big in business or science or anything else, that doesn’t make me any less smart. And I wish people would understand and respect that.

That is all.


Graco : Harness Buckle Recall

It’s been getting plenty of press, so this probably doesn’t come as news, but just in case you’d been living under a rock — Graco has recalled many harness buckles on various car seats. Check the link below to see if your car seat model is listed, and if so, you are able to file a claim for a new buckle.

Graco :: Harness Buckle Recall.

We lucked out — just bought our travel system last month and luckily it’s not included in the list.