AHOY – It’s a Boy! (AKA, My baby shower)

So I’m a little late getting around to posting about my baby shower — it was two weeks ago — but, let’s face it, between chasing around my extremely energetic 11 month old and feeling the effects of being so-crazy-pregnant, everything is taking longer nowadays.

My baby shower had a nautical theme, and it was absolutely adorable. When my mother gets on a theme, she REALLY gets on a theme…. and she went all out for this one! We had themed decorations, food, games…. and more. A lot of ideas were inspired by the greatest internet invention ever, Pinterest.

IMG_0803We had pepper octopuses (octopi?) with dip, crab shaped chicken salad croissants, and fruit “boat”… yes, the nautical theme was everywhere — and it was so darn cute.


The pepper octopuses (?)


Chicken salad crabs


Diaper cake

And then there was this super cute diaper cake, made by my mother. She made me one that was Winnie the Pooh themed for my first baby shower, and this one was just as lovely (and oh-so-useful!). Decorated with toys, washcloths, and made of size 1 diapers (and if you haven’t had your baby yet, you’ll need a lot of those…. trust me).


Our take on the “Don’t Say Baby” game

We played a lot of the usual shower games, but all with a nautical twist…. the traditional “don’t say baby” game was turned into “Watch Your Mouth, Sailor!” and the bingo and what’s in your purse game cards were all adorned with sailboats and anchors.

Guess how big mommy's belly is??

Guess how big mommy’s belly is??

And then there were the cupcakes…. oh, the delicious cupcakes. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a sucker for baked goods, and these “Lucy in the Sky” cupcakes from Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe were just perfection



It was a great day. My daughter thought so, too… although I’m pretty sure she thought all of the presents (and the balloons) were for her. That’s ok. I’m sure her little brother will learn to share 🙂

These are mine, right??

These are mine, right??