Pregnancy = Must. Eat. All. The. Things.



Any of you other pregnant women out there that can’t stop eating lately? I sure hope I’m not alone in this. Today has been especially bad… because I’ve eaten a lot of crap that I know isn’t good for me but just couldn’t stop myself.

Let’s look at the rundown of what I’ve stuffed in my face so far, shall we?

  • 2 blueberry muffins with butter
  • An everything bagel with loads of chive and onion shmear (aka cream cheese)
  • The leftovers of a grande burrito from yesterday
  • 1/3 of a bag of cheetos
  • 1/3 of a bag of dark chocolate raisinettes
  • Another blueberry muffin with butter (in my defense, they are small muffins, lol)
  • A half a banana

And…. I’m still starving. Probably because I haven’t eaten much, if anything, nutritionally valuable today. I know I haven’t so the guilt has been with me all day. I know I should be eating well for my baby (and myself, of course), but some days I just can’t help it. I must eat everything in sight!!!

Anyone else suffering through this right now?